Last updated Apr 24, 2022 Published Mar 12, 2017

My path to Test Driven Development - TDD

I don’t recall who introduced me to Test Driven Development (even though I always have been interested in the testing part of software development), but I do remember reading the iconic book from Kent Beck, Test Druveb Development by Example on my commute time. Every page that I turned, it was a new discovery. Also, with some frustration, because the baby steps was conflicting with my confidence that my code would work.

On the other hand, thinking about when I started, the context where I was, did not help me to explore further this approach of development. Places that I worked at in the past unfortunately care more about the task delivered, meaning sacrificing the testing part to delivery “faster”, I share more about my Test Driven Development history more on a blog post - what was astonishing for me was the lack of care from practitioners to avoid testing of any kind.

The intention here is to share in a more structured way, my previous experience on writing tests and resources that I think are an addition to that end. The idea here is not to offer a bible on testing, rather it is to offer a structured way for getting started with it.

  1. Introduction
  2. Changing your mindset
  3. Building software with tests X software without tests
  4. Frameworks available for testing
  5. Mocks
  6. Advanced topics
  7. Strategies for testing