Published Oct 20, 2021

Side projects

This page is a curated list of my personal sides projects that I have built over the years as a developer. They go from a wide range, from extension to improve developers productivity to simple chrome extensions to solve boring tasks.

Currently maintained


json-tool allows you to quick format json content with a click of a button, and much more:

JSON content validation, it shows an error message warning invalid json Buttons to allow easy interaction with the clipboard

Github stats dashboard

Github stats is a project that renders a github repository activity. The focus is on simplicity as the project offers three visualizations:

  1. Barchart (Number of commits by day, week, month or year)
  2. Bubblechart based on the tech stack (programming languages used. The most used the bigger the bubble)
  3. World cloud using based on the repository topics

Git release bot

Gitbot release was built to automate the boring tasks of updating files during a release. Besides creating a new tag in git, the release process requires updating json (such as package.json and composer.json) files with the tagged version.

PHP import checker

PHP import checker is a visual code extension that was inspired by PHPStorm a IDE by jetbrains that has (in my opinion) the best namespace support for PHP. As Vscode is a editor it was lacking the powerful feature of highlighting unused imports in a PHP file, to fix that issue I published the extension on the marketplace.


Trello to excel

Trello to excel is a chrome extension that exports a trello board to a excel file following a specific spreadsheet layout.


Laration is a PHP/Laravel package that provides a CLI to show up in a nice way the env variables currently being used by any Laravel application.

Laravel easy crud

Easy CRUD was created to easily generate a CRUD for each Eloquent model (Laravel’s ORM). The package generates a admin like interface to create, read, update or delete data from the database.


ZCPE is a project that was created to follow my studies on the PHP language and later on in the ZCPE exam. The github repository has the ten topics covered by the exam as well as a “playground” like to navigate through the code snippets.

The current content in the project supports the version 5.5 of the ZCPE exam.


Doorman is a IoT project that uses web technologies and raspberry Pi + MQTT + nodered to open a door configured via GPIO.

API skeleton

API skeleton is a project that provides a scaffolding for building an API using the PHP programming language.