Marabesi is addicted to software development in general, due to that, two books came out as a passion for sharing, one focuses on the PHP certification and the other, focused on Laravel, a framework to build web applications. As a hobby he likes to play with Raspberry PI, to dive into the IoT world and sometimes to give talks. Besides that he's an aspiring researcher focused on software testing and gamification. Testable, is a gamified tool that aims to improve the unit test teaching, trying to change the boring perception that developers have in learning how to test their code, you can find more things related to that in the playlists I share on youtube and also on my side projects page. Currently he's working as a Software craftsperson at Codurance, changing the way people build systems and trying to close the gap between academia and the industry.

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The lack of leadership and the focus on process in an agile environment

Recently listening to the podcast Agile for humans that I often listen to, as I like to understand different aspects of software development. In both hosts have a series in which they answer questions from the audience, usually the episodes are fast and to the point, without much details or talking through the subject. The episode “YDS: Should the Scrum Events Be Entertaining?” was a mix of bouncing ideas (in the short time both of them had) and trying to focus on an outcome for the audience and the conclusion was a straight: “they should be effective”. In that sense,...

Is there a testable architecture?

As I navigate towards other approaches of testing software, I see that there are some arguments in favor of testability. For example, cucumber names ports and adapter as a testable architecture [1]. In the fourth edition of the book “software architecture in practice” the chapter 12 dedicated to tstability elaborates on what might be a testable architecture and list its attributes rather than name a single architectural style. The importance of listing attributes depicts a broader picture which leads to other architectures also being labeled as “testable” besides the ports and adapters. In short, what the book depicts is a...

Configuring vitest and testing library to work together

The javascript ecosystem provides a variety of tools and frameworks that sometimes require some configuration dancing to work together. Jest has been the dominating player for running javascript tests, it provides a end-to-end experience in regards of features, for example, you don’t need to configure a test runner and also the assertion library. Even though, such thing is possible to do if needed. Jest works across libraries and frameworks, React packs Jest into automatically when creating a project using Create-React-App. Besides, Jest also works with applications that are run in the server side. Such popularity was questioned by vitest, an...

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