Jan 26, 2015

TDD by example

TDD by example is a perfect book if you are looking for the first step into the TDD world. I would say the book was divided into two main parts, the first one is how the TDD works and how to do your tests using a simple abstraction, by the...

Jun 19, 2021

Driving Organizational Excellence: A Comprehensive Book Review and Personal Insights on 'Accelerate - Building and Scaling High-Performing Technology Organizations'

Delivering software fast and keeping quality is challenging (Dave Farley challenges the potential tread-off between speed and quality, elaborating on the argument that the one depends on the other, instead of the one blocks the other). Accelerate brings the light through data on the DevOps culture and practices. DevOps (even...

Jan 6, 2022

Impact mapping - review

Building software is hard, building software that users love and actually deliver value is even harder. For long, the software industry suffered (and still suffers) for lack of communication between technicians and business, leading to different approaches of how to get them on the same page and build. Even with...

Aug 23, 2020

Clean code and the art of readable code a summary

Readable code is a subject of discussion among developers aiming to improve their code skills and also thinking about the human side of the code, indeed, the machine executes the code and doesn't care about the readability or maintainability of the code, instead, this chore, is part of the daily...

Apr 4, 2015

The definitive guide to HTML5 WebSocket

The book "The definitive guide to HTML5 WebSocket" is a short book with a great content, if you are looking for web sockets this book is a good start. I would like to highlight three sections of the book that I recommend a second read.

Jan 22, 2015

The Art of Readable Code

Have you ever wonder what was the best comment to write? Have you ever had to read twice the same code to understand what that was about? Don't worry this book is for you!