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Tidy first? Software desig by Kent Beck

The book starts with the tydings which are a decent of refactoring but with a focused area and not that much of showing concrete code, the key is to understand the concept. In the second part Beck goes towards a more professional point of view talking about managing the tydings, the chapters in this section provides tips on how to go to start, and keep tyding the code base. Many of us (programmers) usually get lots of changes and forget about the focus of why we are tyding things, this part is to help programmers to avoid this situation. The...

Cracking the Code: Unveiling the Traits of a Great Software Engineer - Paper Review

Contribution of the paper is the understanding of software engineering expertise as viewed by experts software engineers.

A Deep Dive into Vue.js Composition API: My Personal Handbook

This is a collection for mypersonal notes for Vue 3 Composition AI course from, there is an attempt to collect the most important bits from the course and mix it together with another known sources to help getting the hands on the composition API.

The lack of leadership and the focus on process in an agile environment

Recently listening to the podcast Agile for humans that I often listen to, as I like to understand different aspects of software development. In both hosts have a series in which they answer questions from the audience, usually the episodes are fast and to the point, without much details or talking through the subject. The episode “YDS - Should the Scrum Events Be Entertaining?” was a mix of bouncing ideas (in the short time both of them had) and trying to focus on an outcome for the audience and the conclusion was a straight - they should be effective. In...

Is there a testable architecture?

As I navigate towards other approaches of testing software, I see that there are some arguments in favor of testability. For example, cucumber names ports and adapter as a testable architecture. In the fourth edition of the book software architecture in practice the chapter 12 dedicated to tstability elaborates on what might be a testable architecture and list its attributes rather than name a single architectural style. The importance of listing attributes depicts a broader picture which leads to other architectures also being labeled as “testable” besides the ports and adapters.

Navigating Challenging Dialogues: A Thoughtful Review of 'Difficult Conversations'

Difficult conversations is a book that anyone at any stage of their life could read, this is not just a book about leadership or management, it goes a step further into the relationships that we have. Relationships that requires difficult conversations, be it with your children, your boss, your parents and even yourself. You should be the most interested in the feelings you might go through when a challenging idea is put in place and when disagreements occur. In that case, what should we do?

Get the Most of Your Testing: Combining Vitest and Testing Library for Maximum Efficiency

Vitest was born from vuejs ecosystem and rapidly started to evolve to other communities, such evolution, leads to a friction when migrating or even when trying to make tools to work together. In Jest, testing library works automatically, no much effort needs to be done. On the other hand, trying to combine, testing library and vitest, might bring some challenges. The aim here is to go step-by-step to configure vite and testing library in an environment that uses typescript.

Escape velocity, better metrics for agile teams - Review (Lead time, Delivery frequency, Cycle time, Cumulative Flow Diagram, Code quality, Team joy and Forecasting)

As opinionated as it can be Escape velocity gives some insights on metrics that can be used in “agile” (whatever agile means in a given context) teams. From the start a distinction is made from velocity and value. On one hand, the way the author depicts the chasing for speed rather than added value is surrounded by his examples that he might have faced in the real life, while on the other hand, he also makes clear that story points are relative to a given context and that the team can also game this metric (as any other).

Testing browser's clipboard with jest

Copying and pasting things in and out from the browser have been done through a specific command document.execCommand. Therefore, as depicted by Jason Miller and Thomas Steiner, it has an important drawback execCommand is synchronous. This is the reason behind the new clipboard API. It allows developers to create applications that do not block the main thread.