Last updated Apr 5, 2024 Published Mar 12, 2017

Git playground

Git became the tool that is transversal in the software development ecosystem. Such versatility for different programming languages is what made it one of the key players in the industry. As many might think, git is not only for things specifically to programming, it can also be used as a storage system.

In this space, fundamental aspects of git are presented from a beginner’s point of view expanding into more advanced concepts, such as git bisect and merge strategies. Git is rich in configuration, and this is a subject that will also be explored. Towards the end, additional resources are shared to keep navigating the git ecosystem and expand on what is possible with it.

In 2023, I asked on tweet what git features would be considered advanced git features, with that info, this content was built.

Not exclusively, but it was inspired by it, the sections that follow can be accessed independently, based on the reader’s understanding of git. Still, reading it in sequence provides context for code examples.

  1. A friendly introduction to Git
  2. Merge strategies
  3. Git bisect
  4. Git internals
  5. Additional resources