AWS cloud practitioner notes - Monitoring and Analytics

Last updated Apr 6, 2024 Published Jan 9, 2021

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AWS offers a variety of tools for analytics and monitoring, such as Amazon CloudWatch, AWS CloudTrail and AWS Trusted Advisor.

Monitoring: Observing systems. collecting metrics, and then using data to make decisions.

Module 7 - Amazon CloudWatch

Amazon CloudWatch allows you to monitor your AWS infrastructure and the applications you run in AWS in real-time.

  • Metrics are available and tied to your resources (CPU utilization of an EC2 instance)

With CloudWatch you can:

  • Access all your metrics from a central location
  • Gain visibility across applications and services
  • Reduce MTTR and improve TCO
  • Drive insights to optimize applications

CloudWatch Alarms

You can use CloudWatch Alarms to set alerts based on a given metric that performs actions based on its value [1].

CloudWatch dashboard

CloudWatch dashboard provides a single location to access all the metrics for the resources.

Module 7 - Amazon CloudTrail

AWS CloudTrail records API calls for your account. Every request gets recorded in the Cloudtrail engine.

Module 7 - AWS Trusted Advisor

AWS Trusted Advisor is a web service that inspects the AWS environment and gives real-time best practices recommendations, based on five pillars:

  • Cost optimizations
  • Performance
  • Security
  • Fault tolerance
  • Service limits


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