That's my keyboard kit - a walk-through, custom AKKO 3068

Published Oct 9, 2021

The content here is under the Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) license

Often I get asked which keyboard I am using and which configuration I use for coding. This post aims to give a walk-through my current keyboard and also the future changes that I might want to put in place. The goal here is also to share prices and where I bought the parts I use, given it sometimes is a pity that people that shared theirs didn’t share the place you can find the same pieces to pump the keyboard.

Note that this is just my personal setup, it does not mean that you should use one like mine or that will improve the way you code. This is just a way of sharing what works for me, either way, you are welcome to use the same as me.

Note: e-commerce links listed here are not paid campaigns, they are here as reference.


Currently I am using a keyboard from AKKO 3068, 65%, red switch and bluetooth. The bluetooth does not work properly (which I think this is a problem with my kit), but the built quality is solid and the keyboard feels comfortable.

AKKO 3068 original model - photo from banggood

Previous to that, my first mechanical keyboard was a blue switch red dragon.


The first modification that I did was to buy a key caps, the one I chose one that is colorful and they key stamp is in the side instead of on top. Having the stamp like that, avoids the issue of having the stamps going fading away with time.

Modified key caps

And finally the USBc cable, I replaced by a new one that:

USB-C cable - photo from alle-hop

Issues found

  • Bluetooth
  • Connection with the pc via cable - Sometimes it takes longer to connect and if any key is pressed during this time the keyboard tries to use the bluetooth (even though the power is switched off).

Final result

Modified AKKO 3068 - final result from the top

Modified AKKO 3068 - final result, key caps mark