Are we front-end/back-end developers?

How does the back-end developer could improve the front-end development?

Being a backend developer is pretty exciting. PHP, Java, ruby and loads more, within database, algorithm with high performance and the most of the time it is the part that the users don’t see.

The front-end path

  1. Design
  2. Photoshop
  3. HTML/CSS everything else

The back-end path

  1. algorithms  (logic programming)
  2. design-patterns
  3. database

How does these path cross?

The front-end community has increased a lot in the past few years with a lot tools of automation such as grunt, gulp, sass, less etc.

In the early days the front-end didn’t need to understand algorithms and it’s logic rather than they just need to know how does the DOM works and a little jQuery.

But with the boom of the mobile it has changed. Nowadays both front-end and also back-end developers need to combine their knowledge to create greats apps.

What is the point?

With the AngularJS and Firebase for example who is beginning on the web world could create amazing web app based either as simple as possible or as complex as possible. Now we can talk with front-ends about design patterns or even a designer could talk about design with a developer, now we are on the same level working together to reach the highest level of quality possible.

So is that the evolution of software development? More integrated teams back-ends,front-ends and designers?