Algorithms, Algorithms, Algorithms .... Oh Wait!

I started a new challenge trying to find a new job here in Brazil and I thought it would be easy since I have a great experience and I’ve been studying a lot about software development in general(design patterns, CI, software engineering).

Simple mistake. I went to a couple of interviews in many companies and I found a huge difference on the market. Companies are looking for candidates who have strong algorithm skills and believe or not it is my weakness.

So, as nothing in this life is mean-less I decided to study and deep into algorithm’s world.


HackerRank is a amazing website where you can solve algorithms problems, contest your friends or just sign up to a challenge. There is a gamIfication where you can see your progress through categories  and also you can check in which position you’re on rank. HackerRank is free and you can join it any time and start to practice you algorithm skills.

HackerRank presentation on startup battle.


Codility was a surprise for me because I met the website from a interview I had.

The system has focus on tests for software engineers and is very interesting because Codility allows you to create a customizable test to apply, it has categories such as bug fix(in HackerRank there isn’t a bug fix category, but almost every category HackerRank has Codility own either), SQL, Shell, JAVA, PHP and so on.

Unfortunately to use all features from Codility you must to pay it.

Codility dashboard

Wrap up

If you have other suggestion to learn algorithms, please let me know in the comments! Algorithms are the base to software developers and we must every day challenge ourselves to improve this skill, it could be the difference between you get a job or not. I hope you enjoyed this post and let’s write code!