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Sharing tailwind 2.2 config elsewhere for variable access like spacing

Exposing the tailwind configuration to be accessible in in the javascript code. This blog post is an attempt to share the problems I faced trying to expose the tailwind config, for the reader that want to jump straight into the code, the commit I used to achieve that is available on github.

Elevate Your JSON Formatting Experience: Meet the Privacy-Focused Companion Tool

Recently I have been working on a simple app with one goal in mind format json content locally, without the need to access a third party website for that. The answer that that is json-tool, a electron based app that formats json content with a click of a button, or just pasting the desired json. It offers a 100% offline experience once it’s installed and the most important there is no track, ads or anything related to data. Privacy first.

Terraform HashiCorp certification - infrastructure as code, the udemy course companion

Infrastructure as code (IaC) is a growing trend as the devops became the standard to delivery applications. As such, cloud providers have each, their own way of offering infrastructure, in the past, administrators had to manually execute commands on the servers and manually provide resources (which it’s the case until today).

TDD revamped, five years and many more to come

This post goes through my journey that started at least five years ago with testable code, specifically using Test-Driven Development (TDD). I remember when I found it out it was a moment of magic, even though, it took some time for me to realize that TDD changed my way of thinking. Not just about my code, but about software development in general. Throughout this post, there are references on the first TDD international conference, XP and agile, if some of them is not familiar to you, feel free to jump to the references.

Delving into Extreme Programming: An In-depth Review of 'Extreme Programming Explained' (2nd Edition)

Extreme programming (XP) is a methodology focused on the technical and social aspect of software development. It focuses on two main pillars - agile and technical excellence. Technical excellence is the structure that allows teams to be agile. On the other hand SCRUM is the methodology that got traction and is the most adopted by the industry as a means to “be agile”. Therefore, as already explored by Martin Fowler SCRUM has a place in the party, but is not the main course.