AWS cloud practitioner notes - Migration and innovation

Migrating into the cloud is a process, and it takes a lot of work to get things migrated into aws (or any cloud provider).

Module 9 - AWS Cloud Adoption Framework (AWS CAF)

AWS Cloud Adoption Framework (AWS CAF) provides advise companies in 6 areas, focused on the people type that you will need for the migration

  • Business
  • People
  • Governance
  • Platform
  • Security
  • Operations

AWS CAF Action Plan keeps your organizaion on track during the migration process.

Module 9 - Migration strategies

The 6R’s:

  1. Rehosting (lift-and-shift) - moving applications without changes
  2. Replatforming (lift, tinker, and shift) - involves making a few cloud optimizations to see benefits
  3. Retire - removing applications that are no longer needed
  4. Retain - keeps applications that are critical for the business in the source environment
  5. Repurchashing - fresh start, moving from tradicional license to a software-as-a-service model, from a old product to a new one
  6. Refactoring - Driven by strong business need to add features, it involves changes in the code of current applications to support cloud solutions

Module 9 - AWS Snow Family

A collection of physical devices that help to physically transport up to exabytes of data into and out of AWS.

AWS Snowcone

AWS Snowcone is a small, rugged, and secure edge computing and data transfer device. It features 2 CPUs, 4 GB of memory, and 8 TB of usable storage.

AWS Snowball edge store optimze

It’s well suited for large-scale data migrations

AWS Snowball dge compute optimze

Provides powerful computing resources for use cases such as machine learning, full motion video analysis, analytics, and local computing stacks.

AWS Snowmobile

Capacity up to 100PB.

Module 9 - Innovation with AWS

AWS supports VMWare Cloud on AWS as lift-and-shift.

Amazaon SageMaker

Quickly build, train and deploy machine learning model at scale, and it is supported by the most popular open source frameworks.

Amazaon A2I

Machine platform that anyone can operate without an expertise

Amazon Lex

Helps you build interactice chatbots

Amazon Textract

Helps you to extract text from documents

AWS DeepRacer

Machine leraning service for reinforcement learning