Azure 204 developer notes

Published Jan 6, 2022

Before we start, this is a collection on what I went through to get the 204 certification from azure. The process was similar to the one I did for AWS. The idea is to get some structure on how to get started with the subjects needed to pass the exam.

Before anything else a bit of context is always welcome, before taking the exam I started to work with azure services for about one year. Also I feel comfortable on how to navigate the integration between terraform and azure (terraform is not related by any means to azure exam).

Then I started collecting resources and also got some help from different people on the journey, this is also an attempt to document and share how the process was for me and which areas of the exam are covered. I know that most of the content here is already shared in the internet, but the approach I am taking is more personal, instead of a course or an overview.

Before starting

While I was starting with the content and what is covered in the exam, I basically started to poke around and to get everything I could (the result is the next section), so from blog posts, to official microsoft material and so on, it was more an exploratory thing.

Next up, as I started to feel more familiar with the exam topics and how much they weight in the exam I went for a more structured way. In the structured way, I focused on some resources from that first around exploring. The result was the resources in the next section.


General concepts

  • Service plan:

Exam topics

Compute solutions

Azure offers has tree services that developers can use to deploy applications, named:

  • VM’s
  • App services
  • Azure functions

In this sections we are going to go into each and everyone of those and explore how to deploy them.

Azure VMs

VM’s are the basic cloud service used, azure has different zones around the world to be used. Each vary on price and availability, when using VM’s you have the following sections:

  • Basics
  • Disks
  • Networking
  • Management
  • Advanced
  • Tags

Virtual machines availability are created when the vm is being configured, it will avoid down time while doing upgrades.

Templates ARM




Templates are JSON files that allows automation




Consuming azure services

Another sources